Gambling Addiction and the Growing Accessibility to Online and Smartphone Casinos

Online casinos are constantly growing in popularity due to the fact that players are able to play their favourite casino games from the comfort of their homes. A player will generally only require a computer and Internet access. However, there has now been a new shift from online casinos to the smartphone and mobile device platforms.

As many people already have a smartphone device, there has been a boom in the mobile casino world. In South Africa alone, there are 7 million smartphone users who are able to access and play mobile casino games using their smartphone device.

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However, if it is now so much easier to access the world of gambling, what effect has this had on gambling addictions?

Growing Problem of Gambling Addiction

Since the inception of gambling, there has been the problem of gambling addiction. As with other addictions, gamblers experience a high when they place a bet and when they win. It sparks spikes in dopamine, which can be found in both men and women. Gambling addicts actually start to chase that high feeling and will carry on gambling and making bets. A person that is addicted to gambling will often hide their losses and exaggerate their wins. Moreover, problem gamblers will always find ways to fund their addiction, which can quickly and easily lead to financial as well as emotional and relationship problems.

The National Council on Problem Gambling has estimated that in the United States, there are about 2 million adults that can be classified as pathological gamblers and about 4 to 6 million that can be classified as problem gamblers. As this is in the United States alone, the numbers are greatly more considering that many online and on mobile casinos can be accessed throughout the world.

How will Smartphone Casinos Affect Gambling Addictions

Whereas online casinos meant that a user had to rely on a desktop computer and an Internet connection, mobile casinos are easily accessible via gambling applications on a mobile device. As casinos are now targeting mobile devices, it will become much easier for those who do have a gambling problem to gamble. Gambling addicts will be able to play casino games at any given moment in time; thereby, making it harder to control their addiction. Mobile gambling addictions can also be easily hidden, because it has become the norm for people to be constantly connected to a mobile device.

Type of Mobile Gambling Addicts

There is no sure way to say who will be a gambling addict and who will fall prey to the ever increasing access to online and mobile casinos.

  • Gambling addicts are found in all economic classes; from lower class gamblers who live from one pay check to another to the more wealthy gamblers who can afford to gamble a large amount of money within a few hours.

  • There is not a large gap between men and women who are gambling addicts. It can be said though that men will play games that use skill whereas women are drawn to machines where it is about luck.

  • Students are also at risk of becoming problem gamblers, because gambling sites do not always request ID and age verifications. This can lure students and young adults into the world of gambling and creating problem gamblers from a younger age group.

Addressing the Problem of Mobile Gambling Addiction

Although it is possible to block certain casino applications on mobile devices, this is no sure way to prevent a gambling addict from gambling on their mobile devices. A new product that may help to curb this problem is the Next Step MasterCard. With the Next Step MasterCard, one can set limits on cardholder spending as well as track the spending behaviour of the cardholder. Therefore, such a card can’t be used on mobile casino sites and their use can be monitored by a guardian who is able to place limits on the amount of money spent.

As this new push comes to mobile casino gambling, so does the added threat of creating more gambling addicts or providing recovering addicts a new way in which to satisfy their gambling addiction.


Bitcoins Online Gambling


Bitcoin is the new digital currency that can change the way we create and consume products. It allows a much more globalised flow of productivity and transactions which is why it’s a phenomenon for all countries; it can be used anywhere across the globe. In addition, it doesn’t involve a bank which means that account maintenance fees are lower. So, that’s a greater value of currency in your Bitcoins wallet than the money that your bank leaves in your account.

This new phenomenon has taken the gambling industry by storm. There are many online casinos which accept Bitcoins to be used as money. The first was Switch Poker which still allows the use of Bitcoins for deposits between the value of B2.00 and B200.00. Another well known online site is SatoshiDice, an online game that has been growing by 70% every month arguably due to their acceptance of Bitcoins.

There has even been online sites that has been established and revolves around the existence of Bitcoins. For exampe, BitZino is an online casino that provides a wide range of gambling games such as blackjack and roulette. They have earned more than $10 000 in bit coin cash due to bets. Another example is Lucky Bitcoin Casino who provides gamblers with a wide range of 36 games.

The popular online casinos that accept Bitcoins suggests that Bitcoins truly are the new best thing about online gambling. It’s cheaper to gamble in Bitcoins than money from your bank account, and it’s quick and easy to use. Seeing as it’s easier and quicker to use, it allows more bettings, increasing your chances of winning.

Therefore, if you’re playing to win, why wouldn’t you play with Bitcoins? Stay at home instead of going to your nearest casino, get our your laptop out, and rely on Bitcoins. It’s the future of online gambling as well as online shopping.

Top 10 SmartPhone Casino Games

Top 10 SmartPhone Casino Games

As internet connections and mobile devices evolve in leaps and bounds, it becomes more and more viable to have a fully-fledged casino right at our fingertips, without detracting from the gaming experience. While it can be hard to sort through the myriad of options, here are a select few worth checking out.

Top 10 SmartPhone Casino Games


Winner of Casino of the Decade in the Casinomeister awards as well as their annual award from 2003 to 2011, 32Red is known for its quick payouts and excellent support, and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Jackpot City

Jackpot City has been around for a long time and holds a good reputation, so if the solid positive reviews are anything to go by, you can’t go wrong with this app for Android and iOS systems.

Party Casino

One of the big names in the online gambling industry, Party Gaming extended their software’s functionality to work on mobile devices due to popular demand.

Paddy Power’s Roller Casino

While this app is geared mainly towards iPhones and iPads, it has a stunning interface and runs smoothly alongside excellent service, making it a casino worth checking out.


With many brands under its name, Bet365 offers a wide variety of play options no matter what your gambling tastes might be, including an app dedicated to sports betting.


The table games as well as the service of the BetFred mobile casino have received positive review and are definitely worth checking out.

Royal Vegas

A successful and well-known online casino platform, Royal Vegas allows you to play your favourite games from anywhere across a very wide range of mobile devices, from Android and iOS to Blackberries, Nokia and more.

Sky Vegas

Known more for their slots games than their table games, Sky Vegas offers an excellent old-school variety of land based slots games.

Lucky Nugget

As one of the most established mobile casinos, Lucky Nugget has grown to provide mobile gamers with  a variety of 22 different games with the luxury of banking from your mobile device.

Gaming Club

This user-friendly interface offers a smooth gaming experience across a wide range of platforms, including Blackberry, Android devices, the iPad and iPhones. The good reputation of their developer led to the quick rise in Gaming Club’s popularity since its inception in 2012.

Take your pick from this list of ten top mobile casino games for 2014. Good luck and let the mobile gaming begin!

Online Gambling Tips for Phones

Gamble on the Go!

Gone are the days of having to play the juggling game to find time to rush to the casino.  Fancy a trip but haven’t got the inclination to drive or get the bus into town?  No worries. With the advent of mobile/ smart phones, many people have found new avenues of using their hand held gadget in their daily life to make life much easier and convenient.

Whether you’re in the dentist waiting room, taking a lunch break at the office, or lounging in bed after a long day, you now have the advantage of virtually doing anything remotely including playing that round of roulette, betting on a table of blackjack, striking it lucky with some scratch cards or a host of different featured games online. Whatever your preference, now you can enjoy online gambling from the comfort of your hand, anyplace, at anytime!

Everyday millions of people around the globe are using their mobile/ smart phones on online gambling and other many popular casino games that are being offered on thousands of gambling sites.

Gambling has never been this accessible since the Internet came in to welcome different games online. With the convenience of online gambling many people – even those who regularly play at land casinos- find themselves going on their phones visiting online gambling sites on a regular basis.

Ladies and gentlemen, roll up, roll up! Now you can play an array of fun and – hopefully – profitable games from the comfort of your own home…or hand! Here are a few tips on playing gambling games on your mobile/ smart phone:

Download and Installations:

Your device should be supported. Make sure that the operator supports your mobile. Also, verify if the game you want to engage in is obtainable on your gadget before downloading something. It is also very important to note service cost so that you know that there is nothing dubious taking place.


As with any online interaction you should always be vigilant of the information you share online. Always read the T&C of the site and keep your personal information private. When playing online gambling games only trust reliable sites and sources. Make sure that the site that you choose has 24/7 live help available. You may never need it, but if you do, you’ll be thankful that it’s there.

Game Play

How do I play the games? Make sure you read through the tips/ rules/ options before playing. This will prevent any confusion. One of the biggest advantage of online gambling on your mobile is that there is no time limit and no one is rushing you to make a decision, so sit back take your time and enjoy!

Addictive tendencies

As with any interests, addictive tendencies can become a concern, with players being distracted from regular every-day activities. Online gambling via mobile might be convenient but use your time constructively and schedule time for online gambling if need be and/ or only do it in your spare time.

The world of mobile casino’s and gambling is on the rise. There is no doubt that mobile gambling is gaining popularity and with individuals becoming more technologically savvy online gambling is booming. To try out this new phenomenon by checking out these top mobile gambling sites:


The top three qualities of professional gamblers

Are you ready to strike it lucky and hit the jackpot? Do you think you’ve got game and ready to bet? Before you start going all in, gambling isn’t all about having poker hands or lady luck on your side, but also strategic thinking and having the right gambling attitude.

Online GamblingWhether you play online or in casinos, it is important to ensure you have a firm grasp on all the basic rules and clear understanding of your interest. Online gambling has become a universal phenomenon and lucrative business. Although often a harmless social activity, some participants develop the wrong attitude and stray away from the objective.

Do you often asked what it takes to become a successful high-stakes gambler? For some professional gamblers it is more than just a game but believed to be built on skill and strategy, not just chance. Given the negative consequences associated with gambling it is important to understand that attitude is key to winning. A positive attitude is a winning attitude.
Here are the top three qualities of professional gamblers:

Rule #1:

Discipline and self-control

Are you a disciplined person, in general? It’s up to you to look at your life and make an honest assessment of your level of discipline (or lack of it.) Truth is, gambling is constantly evolving or changing as circumstance dictate. Weighing risk/ reward rations and exercising proper discipline is key to keeping you on the right track. Remember, a real gambler knows when to stop. Exercising discipline and self-control will help you.

Rule #2:

Positive Attitude (towards gaming and life)

A positive attitude in gambling goes hand in hand with skill.  As your skill improves, so does your confidence in your game. Think positively every time you gamble. As with life, with a negative attitude you can easily be defeated.

Rule #3:


A confident player is very cautious in actions and decision. This is not a gung-ho kind of person. This type of player knows the odds very well and has studied and analyzed the situation carefully. Gambling is a risky game, however, because of the confident players skill and abilities it allows him to take a risky, but rewarding decision. Confidence comes with experience. Never allow yourself to boast without knowledge. Keep your ego under control. Be emotionally resilient and remain grounded.

The top three qualities of professional gamblers

I bet it all on one blackjack hand that with practice these qualities can be developed. If you have any of these traits professional gamblers posses you are definitely on your way to playing with the big leagues!

Online Bingo Tips for Beginners

As one of the most popular online games around, bingo is a fun game that can easily be learnt and enjoyed by newcomers. Follow these eight easy tips to increase your chances of winning your next online bingo game:

  1. Play on sites with benefits – Online bingo websites with benefits such as free cash or bonus incentives on your initial deposit or cheaper bingo cards
  2. Play with Less - The fewer the number of players, the higher are your chances of winning. Try to take part in bingo games with the fewest players.
  3. Play early or late - To increase your chances of winning, the best times to play online bingo will be either later or earlier in the day when bingo sites are more likely to be less crowded, making it more favorable for winning. Although the winnings are smaller, you will face less competition, which means that you are more likely to win. Find out when your fave bingo sites are most busy (usually during weekdays and in the evenings) and avoid those times.
  4. Get more cards than players - When there are only a few players, get your hands on more cards than there are players. Playing more than one card can greatly increase your chance of winning.
  5. Get chatting - Most online bingo games have an online chat room where players can mingle. Chat rooms are the place to be to scout for winning tips and tricks. By getting to know other bingo players, you will also be able to learn more about your potential opponents and the number of cards they like to play with. Games aside, bingo chat rooms are also a great place for meeting new people who enjoy the same interests as you do and for picking up insider info.
  6. Get clued in about bingo lingo – There are so many different bingo terms that are used during the game. To avoid confusion, brush up on the most common terms and you’ll soon be clued in about the special bingo lingo.
  7. Play to win big - Often there are promotions, jackpots, bingo bonuses, tournaments, odds, payouts and different bingo game variants available. Keep up-to-date with what’s happening on online bingo gaming sites to make sure that you don’t miss out on playing your cards during the most profitable times.
  8. Get to know the rules – Knowing the game gives you an instant advantage. Try to get as much practice as possible by playing bingo on websites that offer free games to enable players such as yourself to get to know the rules. Watch plenty of online video tutorials to improve your skills.

Use these tips to improve your bingo gaming skills and head on over to try your luck on one of the many South African Online Gambling casinos. Good luck!