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Are there any health risks involved?

Feb 20th, 2012 by Alan in News

Most people believe the only risk they run when gambling is the loss of money; however, there are much more serious risks when the game turns into an addiction. You are very much risking your health and possibly even your life. Some of the ways you are harming your health are detailed below.

If you become addicted to gambling and you start losing money, you can fall into a depression that worsens as your addiction worsens. You will start losing sleep. Your appetite can change and you will either overeat or you won’t be able to eat at all. Depression can alter every aspect of your life, you start not caring about yourself or your family, your job suffers and you may not have the energy to get out of bed. Ultimately, if you don’t get help for your depression you could have much worse symptoms and possibly even wind up hurting yourself when you are in throes of a bad depressive episode.

Depression can last for days, months and even years. If you are able to get better on your own for a little while, if you return to gambling your depression will return. You may be able to stay well for a little while, particularly if you are winning; however, when you lose, the depression will return and may get worse.

The only way you are going to beat this type of depression is if you beat the addiction. When you begin to notice that you have symptoms of depression or your family and friends tell you that you are not acting like yourself you need to see a medical doctor for your depression and get help for your gambling addiction. You need to take care of the underlying root of the depression or you won’t get better no matter what you do to get better medically. If you don’t, the depression will only come back again and again.


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