3G Dominated African Betting Market

3G Dominated African Betting Market

In terms of the mobile broadband market, Ericsson is betting on 3G services will remain the most dominant within South Africa and the surrounding countries. Ericsson is a Swedish Mobile infrastructure supplier who believes that the newer 4G smartphones will be out of the budget of the South African consumer and will remain so.

This then means that they expect the gambling industry on mobile devices will grow with the 3G service.

Subscriptions will Stay 3G

There have been studies to show that high speed mobile connections are to increase from 75 million in 2014 to 700 million 2019, and 85% of these will remain 3G.

The latest smartphones like the iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S4 and others use 4G, but they are expensive phones that are out of reach for many African consumers. It is because of this that 3G will still dominate.

Ericsson in South Africa

Ericsson appear to be a popular choice when it comes to mobile betting in Africa and they claim that actually 40% of all traffic in Africa is via their equipment. They intend on keeping this large share of the market.

They are however under threat from Chinese companies such as Huawei Technologies and ZTE and are fighting to keep hold of their share.

In Africa only 15% of the population are actually covered by broadband services even though there is a growing popularity and accessibility to mobile devices and their services.

There is a prediction by Ericsson that by 2019 the mobile penetration ion Africa will increase to 65%. This is based on operators diversifying from voice to data.

If the increase in penetration is correct then this would mean that gambling will also increase over the next few years or so, as it is already growing at a significant rate within South Africa and the countries that neighbour it.

Mobile devices are becoming increasing popular as a platform for gambling as well. This is because many of the popular online casinos have launched mobile platforms. This then means that players can play when ever and where ever they want.

South African Mobile casinos will then become more accessible throughout the country then they were previously.

Ericsson aims on making this happen and will remain on the 3G platform as it will still be the most dominant in the African betting market.

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