Mobile Gambling in Africa

Through an online marketing strategy, attracting people in Africa is usually done through their mobile internet browsers. This is a result of the fact that Africa’s population only consists of fifteen percent portion in which households contain broadband. Therefore, instead of using computers, the majority of Africa uses their mobile phones to connect to the internet and browse. As a result, the majority of people in Africa see the ownership of a mobile device as an absolute must because, without it, they cannot connect to the internet.

A mobile manufacturing company that benefits from this is Ericsson who claims that they take up forty percent of purchased mobiles in Africa. Their reason behind their popularity is their affordability. Fredrik Jejdling, Head for Sub-Saharan Africa at Ericsson, says, “You have to be realistic and see that they are unlikely to spend one seventh or half of [their income] on buying a device.”

Ericsson assume that by 2019 mobile usage would have increased by sixty-five percent as a result of mobile networks switching to allowing data. Therefore, their phones will still be popular as they are confident that their affordable 3G devices will remain relevant in Africa.

If 3G devices will remain relevant until at least 2019, then it is only fair to predict that mobile gambling will continue to strive through 3G networks in Africa. First National Bank made it easier for online gambling sites to strive through mobile gambling by introducing the Cell Pay Point system in which users can make online payments through their mobile phones. This system also allowed gamblers to make payments to online casinos, marking the first step of a prosperous mobile gambling system in Africa.

Many online casinos understand that the best way to target the African market is through mobile phones and are taking their share out of the prosperous mobile gambling in Africa. Silversands Mobile Casino are one of many online casinos who are adjusting their formats for the mobile experience; they have launched their new mobile slot machine on Enchanted Garden. There are many other mobile casinos that people in Africa can be entertained by, including Springbok Mobile Casino and Jackpot Cash Mobile Casino.

With the success of online gambling sites increasing as mobile usage increases, in South Africa particular, the future for mobile gambling can only be a bright one.

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