Online Bingo Tips for Beginners

As one of the most popular online games around, bingo is a fun game that can easily be learnt and enjoyed by newcomers. Follow these eight easy tips to increase your chances of winning your next online bingo game:

  1. Play on sites with benefits – Online bingo websites with benefits such as free cash or bonus incentives on your initial deposit or cheaper bingo cards
  2. Play with Less – The fewer the number of players, the higher are your chances of winning. Try to take part in bingo games with the fewest players.
  3. Play early or late – To increase your chances of winning, the best times to play online bingo will be either later or earlier in the day when bingo sites are more likely to be less crowded, making it more favorable for winning. Although the winnings are smaller, you will face less competition, which means that you are more likely to win. Find out when your fave bingo sites are most busy (usually during weekdays and in the evenings) and avoid those times.
  4. Get more cards than players – When there are only a few players, get your hands on more cards than there are players. Playing more than one card can greatly increase your chance of winning.
  5. Get chatting – Most online bingo games have an online chat room where players can mingle. Chat rooms are the place to be to scout for winning tips and tricks. By getting to know other bingo players, you will also be able to learn more about your potential opponents and the number of cards they like to play with. Games aside, bingo chat rooms are also a great place for meeting new people who enjoy the same interests as you do and for picking up insider info.
  6. Get clued in about bingo lingo – There are so many different bingo terms that are used during the game. To avoid confusion, brush up on the most common terms and you’ll soon be clued in about the special bingo lingo.
  7. Play to win big – Often there are promotions, jackpots, bingo bonuses, tournaments, odds, payouts and different bingo game variants available. Keep up-to-date with what’s happening on online bingo gaming sites to make sure that you don’t miss out on playing your cards during the most profitable times.
  8. Get to know the rules – Knowing the game gives you an instant advantage. Try to get as much practice as possible by playing bingo on websites that offer free games to enable players such as yourself to get to know the rules. Watch plenty of online video tutorials to improve your skills.

Use these tips to improve your bingo gaming skills and head on over to try your luck on one of the many South African Online Gambling casinos. Good luck!

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