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No downloading- please!

Dec 31st, 2011 by Alan in News

Casino games have become very popular, just as many other online games. However, many people don’t want to download software or games to their computers in order to play. They don’t want to use the space on their hard drive or risk viruses. The good news is that there are online casinos that don’t require you to download anything.

Flash casino games are games that are played directly through the Internet browser; they are not downloaded to the computer. This not only saves your hard drive space, it means you can play from any computer, at any time. Flash games also usually have a trial period that allows you to play without signing up first. Flash games allow you to play games like a real casino and possibly win thousands or even millions of dollars.

The Flash version of casino games may be a little different than the downloaded version of the games in terms of the graphics; however, Flash games have come a long way and today are quite comparable to the downloaded version. Online casinos realize that many people prefer to play the Flash version in their web browser and have started offering more games in Flash; some are even offering casino bonuses if you sign up through the Flash version rather than just playing through the trial period.

You can typically play in many contests and tournaments even if you are playing with the Flash version of the casino game as long as you have registered. However, you should read the rules to make sure they are allowing Flash versions to participate in the tournament.

If you go to your family’s house and want to re-join the game you was playing at home in the online casino you could have a problem if you downloaded the software on your home computer and your family doesn’t want it on their computer. However, if you are playing the Flash version of the game, you can simply log in to your account with the casino and rejoin your game. Nothing could be simpler; you can play pretty much anywhere.

Games that don’t require downloading of software have become more popular and more prolific in the online casino world due to the number of people who prefer not to download software in order to play.


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